One of the inspirations behind MTC is the desire to strengthen the bonds that tie Montana runners together. Many of us proudly belong to a community of runners, a loose federation of folks of all backgrounds and interests sharing a passion for road or trail running. We feel a deep connection to place -- to our local communities and to the wild lands in our backyard. The purpose of this page is to celebrate our shared passion for running and deepen our connection to the beautiful landscape that we inhabit.
Jed Rogers and Jeff Rome on an MTC noon run

Over the past few years we offered weekly group runs. We're currently on a break, so check back in the spring for more information.


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Great Native American/ Running Documentary tomorrow night ,3-5-2014

American Indian Student Services will host the 2014 Spring Semester Indigenous Film Series every Wednesday evening until April 30, 2014.

On Wednesday, March 5, we will be showing "Racing the Rez" at 4:30 pm in room 105 in the Payne Family Native American Center.

This documentary focuses on five teens living on the Navajo and Hopi reservations in northern Arizona. The film unfolds over the course of two years with careful, patient observation, offering a rare view of the complexity and diversity of contemporary reservation life. "In the rugged canyon lands of Northern Arizona, Navajo and Hopi cross-country runners from two rival high schools put it all on the line for tribal pride, triumph over personal adversity, and state championship glory. Win or lose, what they learn in the course of their seasons will have a dramatic effect on the rest of their lives." (

All films will be shown in room 105 at the Payne Family Native American Center. Films begin at 4:30 pm and discussions following each film may run until 6:30 pm. The purpose of this film series is to not only expose those interested to great films, but to also generate dialogue following the film. It is our hope that with rich dialogue, this will lead to better understanding and insight for everyone. We look forward to a semester of great viewing and discussion.

The film series is open to the University/Missoula campus and the Missoula community. Everyone is welcome.


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