Trail Use During COVID-19 Reminder

Trail Use During COVID-19 Reminders 

We’ve been visiting with our friends at Missoula Parks & Recreation and they report that trail use etiquette has much improved over the last couple of weeks. Thank you all for doing your part. 

But, as we work through the Phase One orders under the COVID-19 pandemic; and, as the trails are still a bit soft (especially the higher we get) we still need to remember some basic etiquette tips.

  • Maintain proper social distancing 
  • Yield to uphill users 
  • Allow others to pass by stepping of trail (6’) and staying in place – don’t DOOM THE BLOOM! 
    • Do not run or ride parallel to the trail 
  • Run through the mud 
  • Follow directional trails where indicated to improve social distancing 
    • See the attached maps for one way trails for North Hills, Tower Street and Barmeyer 
  • If a trailhead is busy – go somewhere else 
  • Choose less busy times to recreate if you can 
    • Best times seem to be early in the morning and before noon 
    • Busiest times are after 3:00 PM 
  • Pack It In, Pack It Out 
  • Smile, say hi and be pleasant


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