MTC's Treasure State Trail Series

Part of Montana Trail Crew’s mission, with the support of our parent organization Run Wild
Missoula, is to improve and expand trail running across the state of Montana. To help meet that
mission, we have organized a sub-ultra trail race series utilizing established races throughout
Montana. Now in it's second year, the Treasure State Trail Series is free to join and is designed for runners of all abilities. Montana Trail Crew encourages you to take part and explore new races and new trail across our great state.

Elk Ramble - Credit: Votography Images
The 2019 Treasure State Trail Series is comprised of 10 pre-existing trail races throughout Montana. The series runs from early May to early November giving participants plenty of time to run as many races as desired. Each race is between 9k and 30k in length and features predominately dirt trails. The winner of the series will be crowned “Montana Trail Running State Champion” for the year.

How to sign up: Any participant in any of the 9 races is automatically scored in the Treasure State Trail Series. For 2018 there is no extra registration form or fee.

Scoring: To officially place in the series, a participant must complete at least two of the races in 2019. Scores will be taken from a runner’s best six races, meaning any extra races can be run as a buffer race in case of a bad race. The highest total score at the end of the series wins. The first 20 finishers in each of the 10 races will be scored. Every finisher after 20th place will receive one point. A special prize will be presented to those who complete 8 races.

Here are results from 2018. 2019 results will be posted here beginning after Don't Fence Me In (scroll up and down, left to right to view) :

Snowbowl - Votography Images
Scoring breakdown: 50, 42, 37, 34, 32, 30, 28...and on down to 2 points for 20th place. 21st and beyond earns 1 point.

Bonus Points: The first and last races in the series are worth 10% more points. Run those races! Also, at any point in the series if a participant beats a competitor who is ranked in the top ten in the series standings, 4 bonus points are awarded.

Snowbowl - Credit: Votography Images
Prizes: Prizes will be given to the top three men and top three women overall, including a generous merchandise prize purse from our sponsors. Special prizes will be awarded to those who finish 8 races. The Elk Ramble, in Missoula, will be the last race of the series and series prizes will be presented at the conclusion of this race. 
The Elk Ramble - Credit: Votography Images
2019 Series Lineup:

Don't Fence Me In 30K, Helena 5/11/2019 

Copper City 14k, Three Forks 6/2/2019

Thunderbolt Creek 30K, Boulder 7/20/2019

Cross Cut 25K, Bozeman 7/20/2019

Snowbowl 15k, Missoula 8/3/2019

Big Bear Stampede 9K, Gardiner 9/7/2019

The Nitty Gritty 1/2 Marathon, Red Lodge 9/8/2019

John Colter Run 12K, Three Forks 9/15/2019

Whitefish Trail Legacy Run Half Marathon, Whitefish 10/6/2019

Elk Ramble 15K, Missoula 11/3/2019

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