2018 Rut Preview

Labor Day weekend is here and in Montana that means it's Rut Time. This premiere event in North American mountain running kicks of on Friday with the VK, followed by Saturday's 28K, and Sunday's 50K... after-party to follow! Keeping with our tradition of being the unofficial Rut hype-machine, we've got the lowdown on who we can expect to be battling up front:

Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer
VK - Ones to Watch

Scott Patterson - Alaska
-3rd and 4th in the Rut 50k
-4th in the Rut VK
-1st at 2017 Mount Marathon
-US OLYMPIC SKIER! With 3 top 20 finishes

Jeff Rome - Maine
-2nd at 2018 Hardrock
-FKT on Borah Idaho's Peak
-6th at 2017 Don’t Fence Me In 30k
-4th in the Yakima Skyline 50k
-Jeff is the favorite to win the 2018 Rut Trifecta, as long as the VK goes well

Mike Foote - Missoula
-3rd in the 2017 Rut VK - top returner
-Multiple 2nd place finishes at Hardrock
-North Face Athlete
-Rut Runt Run Race Director

Teague Holmes - Colorado
-US Ski Mountaineering Team
-Climber, Paraglider, Freerunner, Arborist, self-described yo-yo enthusiast
-Moves efficiently over the rockiest terrain
-14th in the 2017 Rut 28k

Andy Drobek - Missoula
-1st at the Pass Mountain 50k
-12th at the Moab Trail Marathon (US Trail Marathon Championships)
-One of the top stair climbers in the country, in or out of firefighter gear
-4x Runner’s Edge Treadmill Challenge Winner

Adam Jensen - Alaska
-6th place in the VK last year (2017)
-3rd place 2018 Mount Marathon
-Has roots in Montana so will have a big cheering section on the course

Marilee Woyth- Great Falls
-1st in the 2018 Tillamook Burn 50k
-2nd in the Bighorn 50 mile
-6th Sean O’Brien 50k
-3rd in Bridger Ridge Run

Cynthia Arnold - Polson
-Multi-time winner and CR holder of the Sentinel Hill Climb
-Won the Snowbowl 15k
-Has the world record for a half marathon with a triple stroller

Emily Kipp - Bozeman
-Top returner from 2017 - 5th
-Representing Rut Sponsor Mountain Project Gym in Bozeman
-Solid athlete on foot, bike, or skis.
Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer


Pascal Egli - Switzerland
-finished 2nd at Comepedrosa to Kilian Jornet
-vice world champion in 2017 Long Distance Mountain Running Championships
-32:55 VK Pr so he can climb
-2nd in the 2017 Rut 28k (top returner)
- he also speaks 6 languages and is studying the structure of hydrological networks under glaciers

Oscar Casal Mir - Andorra
-1st at Yading Sky Run in China
-6th at Comepedrosa SkyRace in Andorra
-2nd in the Olympus Marathon in Greece
-6th at 2017 Rut 28k

Ben Stout, USA
-is representing Team USA at the World Skyrunning Championships in Scotland in a few weeks
-2nd at the 2018 Moab Red Hot 55k
-6th at the Rut 50k in 2017
-Just beat Race Director Mike Foote at the Cirque Series in Sun Valley

Marc Pinsach Rubirola - Spain
-Member of the Spanish National Skimo team since 2006
-1st in the Marathon du Montcalm by over 9 minutes
-7th in the Comepedrosa Sky Race

Kiril Nikolav “The Diesel” - Bulgaria
-4th in 2017 and 2nd in 2016 in the Rut 28k
-FKT on the 650 kilometer Kom-Emine (Friendship Route) in Bulgaria.
-One of the top Orienteers in the world

Cole Watson - USA

-2nd at the 2018 Broken Arrow 26k
-1st at Chuckanut
-1st at the 2017 Canyons 50k

Marten Bostrom - Finland
-One of the top orienteers in the world, won gold in the 2013 sprint distance and has multiple top 10 finishes across all disciplines
-Won the Copenhagen Marathon and Arizona PF Changs Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ before switching to trails. He’s got some speed for that flat section on the back side!

Seth Swanson - Montana, USA
-3rd at UTMF
-2x 2nd Place Finisher at Western States 100
-2nd at the LaVaredo Ultra Trail in Italy
-7th at the 2017 Rut 50k
-1st in our hearts

Scott Patterson -USA - Alaska
-3rd and 4th in the Rut 50k
-3rd in the Rut VK (before this weekend)
-1st at the 2017 Mount Marathon in Seward, AK
-OLYMPIC Skier for Team USA with 3 top 20 finishes

Adam Jensen - USA -Alaska
-6th Place 2017 Rut VK
-12th in the 2017 Rut 208k
-3rd in the 2018 Mount Marathon in Seward Alaska

Holly Page - Great Britain
-Winner of the 2018 Buff Epic Trail
-Won the 2018 Yading Sky Run in China
-Represented Great Britain at the 2018 Trail World Championships

Emily Hawgood - Zimbabwe
-2nd in the 2017 Ultra Trail Cape Town
-2nd in the Red Hot 55k
-1st at the American River 50k

Alicia Vargo - USA-Arizona
-4th at Transvulcania
-Winner of Trans-Rockies
-2x NCAA Champ

Dani Moreno - USA- California
-1st Place at the Audi Power of 4 25k
-1st Place at 2018 Broken Arrow 26k
-1st Place at the Xterra World Trail Running Championships
-Member of the 2017 USA Long Distance Mountain Running Team

Kristina Pattison - Montana, USA 
-1st at Old Gabe
-Has 3rd, 4th, 4th, and 6th at Run the Rut Races
-2 top 10’s at Transvulcania
-Just raced Trofeo Kima in Italy


Matt Shryock - USA - Alaska
-Has finished 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 9th in the Rut 50k
-4th at the 2018 Mount Marathon
-Represented the US at the Mountain World Championships

Jason Delaney -Polson, USA
-1st Place Le Grizz 50 Mile 2017
-Has finished 2nd at the Pikes Peak Marathon the day after finishing 7th in the Pikes Peak Ascent
-Won the 2018 Snowbowl 15k and a slew of other Montana Races over the last few years

Jeff Rome - USA - Maine
-2nd at Hardrock
-6th at Don’t Fence Me In
-4th at Yakima
-This is his third race of the weekend. Running the Trifecta. Chasing Emilie Forsburg’s Trifecta record

Marzell Van Der Merwe - South Africa
-3rd at Ultra Trail Cape Town
-1st at the Lesotho Mountain Challenge
-3rd at the Woldberg Skyrun
-Won the 2016 South African SkyRunning Series

Sandi Nypaver - USA - Colorado
-5th at Speedgoat
-3rd at Golden Gate Dirty 30
-1st at the Run Through Time ½
-2nd at the Moab Trail Marathon

Marilee Woyth - USA - Great Falls
-2nd at the Bighorn 50 mile
-1st at the Tillamook Burn 50k 2018
-6th at the Sean O’Brien 100k
-3rd at the Bridger Ridge Run

Others to watch in the 50k….Marlie Johnson of Missoula, Kala Maus of Missoula, Rachel Buzzard of Flagstaff, Evie Tate of Missoula, Emily Kipp of Bozeman, and Leah Handelman of Missoula. On the men’s side keep an eye on Ian Foster of Missoula, Alan Adams of Bozeman, Mark Handelman of Missoula, Nico Composto of Missoula, and Brandon Newbould of Nottingham, NH.


  1. Never count Jesse Carnes out.

  2. Also, Kristina Trygstad-Saari for the 50k. I'd say she's a contender for the win.



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