Trail Chat with Brian Wieck

Brian on a suspension bridge Hokitika Gorge, South Island, NZ. 

Brian Wieck is race director for over 7 trail races. He's passionate about trail racing and exploring new places, so during the Montana winter he travels to destinations such as New Zealand and Hawaii. Brian moved to Montana in spring of 2003 after moving around to cities like Spokane, Eugene, and Scottsdale.  “I wanted a place to call home and after a short (job) visit in the summer of '99 to Montana I decided to return for its people, trails, and opportunity to create some visions.” In 2003, Wieck moved to Helena and purchased a tiny house. “I bought the worst place in the best location; it had a tree growing out of the floor in the laundry room. I have always lived simply and having a home should not change that. I bought it with the intention of escaping the winters.” During the colder Montana months, Brian resides in Arizona. “I constructed a kitchen in my parent’s one stall garage that I live in,” he explains. After his dog died (Coolest Visula) in 2013 Brian has ventured out of country in search of destinations allow for hiking/running and south of the equator. This passion for exploration and adventure has led him found BQuick Running.

What motivated you to move to Montana and become a race director for over 7 trail races?

I moved to the Montana, because I love trails and trail running, I put on my first race in AZ, because in '97 I started racing Ultras. After a 4 year learning curve I realized I might be good at 50ks mainly because there was not much out there under that distance, so in 2001 I created the Pemberton Trail 50k. To date it is the oldest 50k in AZ. After moving to Helena in 2003 I could see that trail running was getting more popular so in 2005 I created (SHATS) South Hills Annual Trail Series (4 races over 3 months). I chose my venues because of the beauty of the surroundings. I then added Thunderbolt Creek 30k in 2010 and Big Dipper 10 miler and 5k as a fall road race with 3 miles of trail in the 10 miler. It’s a tour of Helena. This year I am adding a 25k/50k in Lolo, Montana, called Infinity.

Goats in the Meadow Trail Race 
Describe three trail races you organize.

The Night 5k (Goats in the Dark) SHATS race is becoming a favorite because of the 80 glow sticks you follow while running on Mt Helena and the local beer and bonfire at my house afterwards. Pemberton Trail 25k-50k always draws an escape-from-winter crowd in February. Since its inception over 17 years ago, I have had almost all 50 states represented. I really like the Thunderbolt Creek 30k as there are not many places where you can run anymore where there is no cell service. The race traverses part of the CDT trail and is adjacent to water most of the way, which makes for a special venue. (Editor’s note-In 2015, I camped out the night before the Thunderbolt race and ran to the start. This single track trail winds through breathtaking wildflower meadows and lush conifer forests. One of my favorite running adventures of the year was racing and exploring this beautiful area).

Race Finish Goats in the Meadow PC: Unknown
What are a few of your proudest race achievements?

I had the honor of helping start up the Carroll College X-Country program with friend Bill Ballinger in 2007, and in 2008 I helped coach the first runner ever to go to nationals. A personal achievement is winning Ice Breaker 5 miler in 2004 (and buying my washer and dryer with the prize money) and winning the Elkhorn 50k (4) times which was my first 50k win.

As a race director, what is your vision for trail racing in Montana?

As a race director my vision for trail racing in Montana is that we keep the growth of the sport smart; everybody knows that Montana is beautiful and wild and as race directors we have the ability to show locals and out-of-country/stater's why what we have is precious. Our window of trail racing in Montana is small but our impact on the sport is big.

Goats in the Dark- a trail race run in the dark. PC Mike Champman

If you were asked to describe yourself in 4 words what would those words be?

Kind, Energetic, Creative and Fun

Have you ever had a “now or never moment”?

I have learned that life is timing and as long as I keep moving forward that great moments happen even when at that time you didn't know it was a great moment.

What is your favorite quote?

"Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time" -Steven Wright

I am excited to race Brian’s newest race -the Infinity 25k and 50k in Lolo. Thanks Brian for creating novel racing opportunities on beautiful trails. For more information about Brian see

Brian's Teepee
Brian's Tiny House in Helena


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