Trail Chat with Gina Evans - Creator of Linked Adventures

The Late Pete Sorini "beloved neurosurgeon" and Gina Evans
During my long run on CDT Pipestone, I met Gina Evans. Gina said if I ever wanted to run point-to-point she would drop me off and pick me up with the option of including water drops and a sack lunch. With hundreds of miles of trails to explore, her offer was intriguing. Gina combines her passion for the outdoors and her adventurous spirit to create Linked Adventures.

What is Linked Adventures?
Linked Adventures is a mountain bike rental & shuttle company located in Butte, Montana, with destinations & routes in Southwest Montana. We're also a hiking & running shuttle service. Customers can be as creative as they want with the route they would like shuttled or take one suggested on our website:
If renting a mountain bike I deliver it personally to your hotel, or if from Butte's surrounding communities I can meet you at the Butte Chamber Of Commerce.

What inspired you to create Linked Adventures?
My most loved & missed friend Pete Sorini (editors note – Pete, a neurosurgeon, recently passed away from a Glioblastoma multiform brain tumor) & I used to ride once a week together. At some point during those rides, conversation would turn to "how can we get more time to enjoy what we see & have in this awesome back yard."  "Where to today" is what Pete would say when he picked me up. Now Linked Adventures can give that option to anyone. 

I am also the Race Director for the Butte 100 [Mountain Bike] Races, now going into my 11th year. Our trail system covers miles & miles which allows for a 100 mile race, where those participating don't see anything twice, with many more miles to explore that are not on the race route.
Seeing the distance some racers travel to race in the "Most difficult race in the country" I want to be able to promote Butte as a recreation destination. Linked Adventures allows not only for promotion but actually experiencing our back yard biking, running, or hiking.
Curly Lake Loop Group Ride in the Tobacco Roots
What trail routes would you recommend for runners?
Any of the Continental Divide Trails surrounding Butte. A key would be knowing your fitness level & experience. If into ultra-endurance routes, I would suggest starting at the Highlands (run on the Pete Sorini Adopt-a-Trail. I was the leader in getting this dedicated for Pete) once you run down Lime Kiln to Harding Way (Pipestone Pass/12 mile option) continue following over to Homestake (20 mile option). Once you exit, run over the overpass to CDT Nez Perce, you can opt to drop down Maude S or once near Lady of Rockies (50k option) descend down the road to Woodeville exit on I-15. (50 mile option) Or continue to Nez Perce (62 mile option). Stop there unless you want more & run to Sheepshead via dirt road & go to Konda Ranch CDT over to Champion Pass (~90 mile point-to-point option).

You can run endless amounts of miles with many other trailheads & doubletrack options along the way.

For the beginning runner, Thompson Park has 26 miles of trail with maps & well marked junctions. 

North of Homestake, the Tobacco Roots have many more miles I can send runners on.
(I was the head of the mountain bike safety patrol for Ghosts of Yellowstone 100 in Tobacco Roots in its first year)

What is your vision for Linked Adventures?
I have the only shuttle company in Southwest Montana. Being able to operate year round. Insurance costs a lot. Smart growth is key.
I see my company expanding to winter sports such as cross country skiing, fat bikes, & snow shoes. 
Gina transports cyclists and runners and envisions expanding to winter sports
Describe the greatest adventure of your life.
Every time I'm able to get out for a ride. I was victim of a hit & run by a truck at 50 mph. (while on my bike) in 2010. The passenger side mirror was ripped off by my shoulder & left at the scene. 
I now have PTSD and went through over a year straight of migraines. I need to watch brain fatigue or my headaches ramp up. Peace is found on any trail with my bike or hiking with my dog Fenway & or Mac & Elliot (Sorini Pups are my buddies).
What I hope was my last surgery took place on October of 2015. With many rides in the future, I created my favorite 4 letter word. "LIFE” (my own quote).

What are 3 to 5 words that describe and/or inspire you and why?
Believe.... Any journey, battle, or dream. The belief of getting through or being successful starts with yourself. 
Imaginative... Don't follow, create your own path.
Supportive... I've had some very special people in my life who assisted in getting me where I am today. My family, doctors, priests & friends. 
Pay it forward all I can.

A bumper decal on Gina’s truck reads Carpe Diem (seize the day). With the creation of Linked Adventures, Gina is helping others do just that. For more information see

Linked Adventures is headquarters for mountain bike rentals, shuttle transportation, route planning, and full adventure planning for groups in the greater Butte and surrounding southwest Montana. Including the Continental Divide Trail and other stunning terrain.


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