Trail Shots: Up high and sunset in the hills

On the way back down from Trapper Peak. Photo: Forrest Boughner

Peaks and ridges seem to be the pattern in this week's Trail Shots.

On Saturday, Forrest Boughner, Sara Hooker and Jessica Giuliani went up 10,121-foot Trapper Peak, the highest in the Bitterroot Mountains. And they went the hard way, starting from Baker Lake.

"From Baker we went up the ridge to the south, then dropped down just east of Gem Lake," Boughner wrote. "Couldn't drop straight down (at least where it looked good from above) because of a big snow drift/cornice plugging up the chute. So we ended up dropping onto an unnamed lake in between Gem and Baker."

Their route included more than 3,500 feet of elevation gain in 9.5 miles.

Looking back to Marshall Mountain from Crescent Mountain. Photo: Justin Grigg
I joined Patrick Davis, Ken Ellis and Dana Bandy for a 12.5-mile run/hike mostly off trail in the Swan Range east of Seeley Lake on Saturday.

We went up Pyramid Peak, Marshall Mountain and 8,617-foot Crescent Mountain, gaining more than 5,700 feet along the way.

Cornices can still be found on the Continental Divide in the Beaverhead Mountains. Photo: John Fiore
A week after running the Beaverhead Endurance Runs 55K, John Fiore was back on the Continental Divide near Upper Miner Lakes, east of Jackson, on Saturday.

There, he found cornices still clinging to the rocky ridge that forms the border between Montana and Idaho.

Sunset in Missoula's North Hills. Photo: Dakota Umbel
In Missoula, a nice sunset photo by Dakota Umbel reminds that we can find scenery and serenity on an easy evening run through the North Hills.

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