Trail Work Day (9/26/15) Volunteers Needed!

Montana Trail Crew getting dirty in Missoula's North Hills

Saturday, September 26th, is National Public Lands Day so celebrate by participating in a Montana Trail Crew trail work day! This is the first of two trail work days we're hosting this fall and both promise a unique blend of hard work, stunning views, and good company.

The details:
When: Saturday September 26th, 7:00 -1:30
Where: Meeting behind Runners Edge, carpool to the trailhead, climb 3,000 feet to ridge top trail!
Lunch: Post work picnic provided!
What to bring: Appropriate clothes, hydration, snacks/gels, footwear, and work gloves.
Email us at with any questions. 

The project we have in store for the lucky volunteers on the 26th is unlike our trail work days of the past because we're headed into the mountains. As runner's we're as suited to handle the task at hand as anyone because of our ability to cover long distances and ascend difficult climbs! This trail project is also a special one for us because it has a bit of a history going back a couple of years when we were contacted by Anders Brooker of Runners Edge about lending support to this major trail improvement project proposed up the Ninemile. We agreed and MTC co-founder Jed Rogers penned the following:
Fast forward a year and a half. The Ninemile Ranger District won the grant funding and various local organizations including MTB Missoula and the Backcountry Horsemen have cleared trail to make the project happen. Now it's our turn. 

Three Lakes Peak, not a bad place to work. Credit:

The plan is to meet behind Runners Edge early on Saturday morning the 26th and carpool to the the site. With hydration packs, some warm clothes, work gloves, and our running shoes we'll run into the mountains--uphill--and gain some 3,000 feet before reaching a series of scree fields in the vicinity of Three Lakes Peak where we'll be moving rock and leveling trail. 

Where's Three Lakes Peak? Here!
Volunteers can expect to be treated to stunning fall colors and a decent workout before heading back for a late picnic lunch and a ride back to town. So if you're interested, sign up! As they say, "many hands make light work," so we're looking for a dozen volunteers to help make this project happen. 


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