Trail Chat with Nicole Hunt: Emelie Forsberg

Having fun in the mountains. "Pleasure and Happiness" ~Emelie

Last year, Montana trail running fans met Emelie Forsberg. The 28 year-old Swedish mountain runner led the 2014 Rut 50K from the start and never looked back. Not only did she dominate the most talented trail running field ever assembled in Montana, but she also earned the Skyrunning World Championship with her victory. When not running up and down mountains, she's skiing up and down them on the Ski Mountaineering World Cup circuit. For more information about Emelie and her many accomplishments in the sport check out her blog. Emelie a talented athlete, but she is also very kind and humble. So when I messaged her requesting if I could ask her a few questions for Montana Trail Crew she said, “of course I will.”

"Very happy to finish this race (Rut 50k) as the first lady! It had everything, easy & technical trails, amazing scrambling and beautiful downhills! Good feelings from the start even though I was so tired last week race directing! Thank you for all the cheering!" -Emelie 
Photo Credit: Emelie Fosberg via

1. Are you running the Rut VK, 25k and the 50k? What shoes would you recommend for each race?

My plan is to run them all. For the Vk, I will use Salomon Sense, on the 25k, I might use Salomon Sense Soft Ground or Salomon Sense, and on the 50k I will use Salomon Sense Soft Ground for sure!

2. How does the Rut race compare to European races in difficulty?

I think it´s similar! It has easy sections and technical sections, more or less as the Sky races over in Europe.

3. What is your secret to quickly navigating those ankle twisting rocks down the scree field you see at Lone Peak?

Just go for it and feel comfortable.

4. What are 2 specific workouts that are key to your preparation for the Rut races?

Hmm, as I have been racing the whole summer I have not had time for specific training, but for the Vk I would say it´s good to do 3x 10 minute session, for the 25 km it´s good to do a 1.5-2 hr fast run with almost race pace some sections; and for the 50k to fit a 3 hour run or a longer mountain day into the schedule.

5. How do you see yourself in 50 years and how do you want to be remembered?

Waow, that´s far ahead..! I would love to be a healthy and happy runner and grandmother with a big garden/small farm.

6. You seem to have love and passion for the mountains, how did you get that way?

I think for spending a lot of time outside as a kid, you get an understanding and a caring way for the nature.

On her way to setting the course record at Mount Marathon Seward Alaska (5k 3022 ft gain).
Photo Credit-  Emelie Forsberg via

Thank you Emelie for the interview! Your enthusiasm and passion for adventure and exploring the mountains is inspiring and infectious. We wish you the best!

 Training in the Mountains.
Photo credit: Emelie Forsberg via


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