Five Rut Questions With: Hillary Allen

It's that time of year where daylight is fleeting quickly, the air is crisp, and snow is threatening to fall in the high country. It is Rut season.  On Sept 12th & 13th, hundreds of runners from across the globe will descend on Big Sky Resort to push their physical limits on the scree laden slopes of Lone Peak.  To give you insight into who will be running The Rut 50k and why they're excited to come to Montana, we've asked each elite runners five questions.  Leading up to the race we will post responses daily from world class runners such as Kilian Jornet, Anna Frost, Adam Campbell, Paul Hamilton, Ellie Greenwood, Rickey Gates, Luke Nelson, Sage Canaday, Emelie Forsberg, and others including Montana's finest ultra runners.  It is time for The Rut.
Hillary Allen - Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

1. Have you ever been to Montana? If so, where?
I've been to Montana once: Glacier National Park. It was INCREDIBLE!

2. Besides the Rut, what are you looking forward to most about coming to Montana?
Coming to Montana in general! I'm pretty excited to explore new trails and mountains in Big Sky. I've heard incredible things about the wilderness in Montana ... I'm also curious to see why they call it the "Big Sky" state :)

3.What are some of the highlights of your 2014 racing season?
This 2014 season started out with Moab Red Hot 55km where I placed 3rd. I then had my first win (ever) at Salida Marathon, and my first course record at Cheyenne Mountain 50k. The biggest highlight of 2014 was winning bighorn 50 mile with a new course record. This was my first 50 mile race so It was pretty special. I ran Speedgoat 50k shortly after bighorn and managed to place 4th, that was a really proud moment for me as well.

4.What is it about the Rut that made you sign up for this event?
I've heard so many things about how tough this race is (from some locals) and that it was made even tougher this year . . . naturally I wanted to check it out. I want to challenge myself and although the race scares me, I'm pretty excited for this new challenge.

5. On a scale from 1-10 how much would you say you enjoy running off trail on slabs of talus the size of dinner plates that constantly slip and slide out from under your feet, or better yet, flip up and hit you really hard in the ankle bones and shin?
10! I'm super excited!! It's a type 2 kind of fun . . . it might suck and hurt along the way, but gives you a sense of thrill, accomplishment and happiness that keeps you coming back for more :)


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