Phall Phringe Phatty Run 2013

This past Saturday a group of Missoula runners were introduced to the first Phall Phringe Phatty run.  The brain child of local trail runners Seth Swanson and Justin Yates, Pis a 26 mile run that connects several popular trail systems on the north side of the city.  Below is their statement of purpose and need for the run:

"Its not summer anymore, but its not quite winter, we're on the phringe.  The first annual Phall Phringe Phatty is here!  Come join us in this celebration of trail running in Missoula.  A gathering of trail runners and trail enthusiasts alike to share some miles on the trails in a slightly competitive (or not) venue.  But better yet, a chance to share stories afterwards."

A solid group of runners turned out to get one last taste of those Missoula mountain trails before the elk and snow claim them for the winter.  The introduction of P3 is yet another great example of the growing trail running community here in Missoula.  Great to see everyone out this weekend, I enjoyed the 'promised' post run stories and chili!  Keep your eye on Seth and Justin's blog to see what they are scheming up next!

Check out the video below to see how it all went down....

* Don't forget to hit that HD button!


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